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Report A Zombie Siting

2011 November 6
by Will B. Gone

If You See A Zombie We Want To Know!


(So we can send a nice man with a butterfly net to visit you in your home.)

The effectiveness of depends upon the vigilance of our community to help us track Zombie threats and viral outbreaks. Be our eyes and ears on the ground! If you see a Zombie, report it! Include the exact time, date, and location, and any pictures or other documentation you might have. The public is depending on you!

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  1. March 24, 2013

    Seen in central Connecticut earlier this evening! Medium height , white hair, elderly ,tissue packing, rosary yielding zombie woman! Terrorizing locals with an insatiable appetite for trivia! Avoid eye contact, don’t make any sudden moves. Extreme caution advised!

  2. Edgy Bejeweled Hipster permalink
    April 20, 2013

    Jeff-ar-ay and I were sitting on the couch when suddenly, Jeff-ar-ay, who was feeling under the weather that day, jumped from his seat and tried to eat my barking brain!!! I was able to lock myself in this room with this computer and threw on my hazmat suit and immediately started contacting my local DOZED authority and Papa Mashaw (Jeff-ar-ay’s grandfather) and the wwwwqqwwoooogggggffrummi db hh,yyyy bkleeee

    -Jeff-ar-ay (the zombie)

    PS: zombies were people too ya know!!!!!!

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