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About Dr. Will B. Gone, Director of D.O.Z.E.D.

Dr. Will B. Gone

Dr. Will B. Gone

Dr. Will B. Gone holds a B.A. from  Yale University in biology and  statistics and a Doctor of  Medicine degree specializing in infectious disease, pathology, and public health from Johns Hopkins University.

Before coming to the Department of Zombie Elimination and Defense, Dr. Gone worked for both the National Center for Disease Control and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Zombie Divisions.

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About The Department Of Zombie Elimination And Defense

D . O . Z . E . D . is a subsidiary of the Department Of Homeland Security and the National Center For Disease Control.

We are a family friendly site – as family friendly as a site about Zombies can be. Please use your good taste, common sense and  judgement when adding your creative juices to our realm. If not, we’ll respectfully edit you.

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